One of the world’s rarest gemological discoveries is also one of its most colorful. KORITE ammolite gems — set in timeless gold and silver jewelry designs — present a dazzling new option for Valentine’s Day shoppers.

Each Valentine’s Day, women around the world don perennial-favorite, classic black for that special night out on the town. This February 14, surprise your sweetheart with the most dramatic accessory to offset their look in style: KORITE.

“Heed the cue from legendary fashion designer Christan Dior,” says Amarjeet Grewal, KORITE Vice-President of Merchandising. “Dior once said ‘color is what gives jewels their worth. They light up and enhance the face. Nothing is more elegant."

The team at KORITE could not agree more. Representing one of the world’s most colorful gems, KORITE sources, crafts, sets and sells rare ammolite, one of nature’s most vivid treasures.

“Let the rainbow be your Valentine inspiration this year,” says Grewal. ”Since love comes in every hue – red for seductive passion, blue for trust, yellow for joy, and purple for magic – what better gem to celebrate this February 14 than KORITE ammolite?”

Love and special moments together can now be remembered in rare style with one of the rarest and most ambient gems on the planet. One of the lesser known yet most prized natural gems on the market, KORITE ammolite is coveted for its vibrant, exotic and precious character and energy.

For women, the ultimate show of love and celebration in color is KORITE’s Solara pendant with swirling gold and diamonds around a momentous drop of bold colors in extraordinary ammolite. For men, dramatic rings and statement cufflinks in KORITE ammolite impress.

Whether it is perfection in a pendant, earrings or one-of-a-kind rings, gem and jewelry lovers will prize their KORITE forever. Each gem is mined and manufactured in Alberta to stringent standards for quality.

“Sold in more than 25 countries around the world, each piece of KORITE ammolite is uncommonly beautiful,” says Ken Oschipok, KORITE Vice President of International Sales. “Just like the people who gravitate to KORITE, our jewelry tends to be the life of any party, the topic of conversation and a treasure to hold dear. We are all delighted to help our customers celebrate Valentine’s Day in bright, distinct and colorful style.”

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Since 1979, KORITE, its discovery team, craftspeople, designers and sales professionals celebrate the beauty of ammolite. A certified gem, found only in a small area in Southern Alberta, the naturally fossilized material formed more than 70 million years ago. Valued for its rare beauty and potential holistic properties, KORITE is now sold in more than 25 countries. Privately held, KORITE is one of the most respected colored-gemstone discovery companies, with a far-reaching signature jewelry brand. From responsible harvest at its eco-award winning mine to finished jewelry and decor statement pieces, the company stands by quality and professional confidence at every stage of its intimate Canadian operations. World renowned Feng Shui Masters say “this stone is the stone of the new millennium.” KORITE celebrates your true colors.