Eau Claire Distillery Sees Lovers Smitten With New Valentine's Cocktail

Ready, steady, soar!  Cupid’s Arrow targets taste buds with a romance inspired cocktail from Eau Claire Distillery and Alberta Hotel Bar & Kitchen. The province’s original craft distillery for a second year turns to one of the province’s top bartenders in Edmonton to debut a new cocktail especially for Valentine’s Day. 

Introducing Cupid’s Arrow – Eau Claire Distillery Parlour Gin, Chambord, cream, egg, cardamom and strawberry bitters, with raspberry syrup and maraschino – an easy-to-concoct drink. Perfect for a special night-in or precursor to a night on the town, Cupid’s Arrow is a bull’s eye. 

“Valentine’s Day calls for a seductive cocktail,” says Eau Claire Distillery President and Founder, David Farran. “To create something exceptional for the occasion, we turned to our bartender friend Rob Vollick at the iconic Alberta Hotel Bar & Kitchen in Edmonton. The result is Cupid’s Arrow, guaranteed to put Albertans in the loving mood this February 14.” 


Cupid's Arrow

1.5oz Eau Claire Gin
0.5oz Chambord
0.5oz cream
Barspoon Maraschino
Barspoon raspberry syrup
Dash cardamom bitters
Dash green strawberry bitters
Whole egg

Garnished with macaroon & raspberry on skewer

1. Add all ingredients together, dry shake well
2. Add ice and wet shake
3. Pour using a strainer into a Nic & Nora Glass
4. Add Garnish of raspberry and macaroon on a skewer, place on the rim of drink.

Enjoyed on its own, in a martini or with a favourite mix, Eau Claire’s home-grown Parlour Gin makes the perfect present for cocktail lovers this Valentine’s Day and the ideal cocktail base, as the first taste of Cupid’s Arrow proves.

Produced in a former movie theatre and dance hall in Turner Valley, Eau Claire’s Parlour Gin and sister offering Three Point Vodka have romance running through them, their natural ingredients translating into superior taste, harmonious texture and a smooth finish, ideal for romance. 

Parlour Gin is a medium gin, its name reflecting the great history of prohibition-era gin parlours in Turner Valley, Alberta and throughout the world. A recipe of natural botanicals is used to enhance the juniper berry induced dryness and to give it a special exotic nose of flowery essence, Saskatoon berries, rosehips and traditional London Dry style spices.

Handcrafted in small batches, and made using Rocky Mountain water and ingredients harvested from farms in Southern Alberta, Parlour Gin and Three Point Vodka can be found in select stores across Alberta. 

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