Kudamm offers branding, introductions, sales and marketing for celebrities and businesses in transition

Kudamm Marketing, an unconventional, luxury marketing agency to help celebrities, high-profile individuals, start-ups, and brands reinvent themselves, has launched. The brainchild of local entrepreneur Wolf Wörster, the agency offers branding, marketing, sales and introduction services to clients ready to separate themselves from the norm. Early clients include athletes and entrepreneurs. The company is in keeping with personalized, niche marketing services that Wörster has offered to international clients for years, through A-list connections made in international, luxury property rental management.

“Time and again, high-profile individuals shifting careers were turning to me for advice,” says Wörster. “I took it as a cue to create a most unconventional marketing company. Our team has been working with the world’s wealthiest people and sought-after celebrities. Whether you lead a company gone private, work as an artist facing a new audience, or you are launching a new line of offerings, our connections and marketing savvy combine to make us ideal guides for reinvention. Beyond a logo or website, we develop an internationally-recognized identity that resonates with the high-profile, wealthy, successful A-listers.”

Worster’s philosophy started with Wolf Wörster Associates, where he dedicated his time and effort to travel internationally and have face-to-face meetings with the most influential and authoritative business owners, celebrities and royals. Maintaining these relationships and identifying opportunities has helped Wörster leverage his own brand. 

“I’ve built my business and profile on relationships with the progressive people and the best connections to support my clients needs,” says Wörster. “It’s much more than networking; it’s a deep understanding of mutually-beneficial relationships and creating a lucrative platform for clients to put their best foot forward.”

The Kudamm name comes from the iconic Berlin avenue built in 1542—Ku’daam, short for Kurfürstendamm. Over the last three centuries, Ku’daam has had to reinvent itself time and again, from the home of intellectuals in the Golden Twenties, to a commercial district rebuilt from rubble after World War II, to the opulent boulevard of fashion houses and luxury hotels that it is today. 

To learn more about Kudamm Marketing, Wolf Wörster, and how the agency is redefining marketing, please visit the website or contact sales@kudammarketing.com.

About Wolf Wörster
Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Wolf Wörster comes from humble beginnings, but has always been driven by his entrepreneurial spirit. He launched his career by discovering unique and exclusive vacation rentals for high-profile individuals, including world leaders, royalty, and professional athletes and entertainers, and is now an industry leader. Wörster has built a niche in an exclusive business that matches elite clients with the highest quality rentals.

Wörster has also extended his services to management of marketing and sales for international lifestyle and investment residential property developments. He and his seasoned team currently operate marketing departments on behalf of a number of international developers.

Kudamm Marketing is a merger of Wörster’s prosperous businesses - a high-level, one-of-a-kind luxury marketing agency where clients are offered incomparable services. Kudamm is a reflection of Wörster’s personal success, using the same expertise that is applied to each client and preparing them for similar milestones. 

For more information, please contact:
Kudamm Marketing
778 379 5149