Bask in ultimate luxury combined with complete security in a beautiful Rancho Mirage vacation home during a series of open houses October 20 to 23. 

A 5,000+ square foot home with six bedrooms across a three building compound, the largest residential lap pool in the desert, a state-of-the-art theatre also features an outdoor oasis complete with BBQ area, outdoor kitchen and fire pit.

But luxury isn’t enough anymore. 

In an increasingly uncertain world, upper-tier travellers are demanding villas that are certified safe and secure—from thieves, faulty detectors and other hazards. Discriminating travellers want vacation homes to take appropriate measures to ensure the highest standards of safety and security. 

That’s where SecureVillas come in. 

The company provides luxury vacation homes with a comprehensive safety and security audit, three-level certification and an ongoing support to property managers.
Founded by Glenn Aga, a former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer, and Wolf Wörster, a veteran of the villa and vacation property industry, SecureVillas has developed an industry-recognized safety and security certification program that takes high net worth vacationers to a new level of comfort and relaxation in their rental luxury homes.  

We invite you to immerse yourself in the SecureVillas experience at one of the most luxurious villa rentals in the Palm Springs area. Bring a guest and come for a drink or spend the entire day by the pool. 

Enjoy a tour and find out about SecureVillas’ thorough protocols to inspect properties from top to bottom reviewing more than 250 items, from carbon monoxide detectors and locking systems to evacuation procedures and signage. Learn more about how safety and security are creating competitive advantage in the villa industry.

Join us for an open house: 
Thursday, October 20 — 4pm-10pm
Friday, October 21 — 10am-10pm
Saturday, October 22 — 10am-10pm
Sunday, October 23 — 10am-4pm

rMIT Villa  a SecureVillas Safety Certified Level 2 Property
42055 Indian Trail Road, Rancho Mirage

To register, please contact:
Heather Kirk
+1 416 500 1752

Stephanie Jo
+1 403 988 6886
Bring a note pad so you can record safety and security tips to use in your own home.